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Nifty Shades of - Pink?

29 September 2015

Aisleyne was "pretty in pink" at The Playboy Club on Tuesday 29 September for a party held by The Pink Ribbon Foundation, a trust that funds UK charities working with people affected by breast cancer.

Among the many other celebs attending were Aisleyne's BB7 housemates Imogen and Nikki, plus the likes of Lizzie Cindy, Casey Bachelor and Mario Falcone.

The evening's colour theme was, naturally, pink, for the dress code and (this being the Playboy Club) the "undress" code too - with lots of pink body-paint on display.

Happily, Aisleyne was well-covered in a striking coral pink dress, though some press observers seemed to be a little colour blind, the Daily Mail initially describing the dress as "orange", then in a later report as "peachy pink".

Reveal magazine had no such doubts, stating that "Aisleyne wore a pink dress (obviously!), teamed with over the knee grey boots and a tan coat."

The Daily Mirror decided the colour was coral, also picking up on Aisleyne's Twitter statement that she had avoided the alcohol during the evening, and had stuck to soft drinks instead. "So proud of myself. No alcohol this evening & home & in bed with a herb tea instead #teamfit."

So, an early start to Aisleyne's declared "Sober October"!

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