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National Reality TV Awards

30 August 2012

On Thursday 30th August a galaxy of reality TV stars and other celebrities gathered at Porchester Hall, Bayswater for the 2012 National Reality Television Awards.

Every corner of the reality TV world was represented, such as The Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Celebrity Big Brother and many more.

So was anyone there from Celebrity Coach Trip, Celebrity Salon, Snog, Marry Avoid and Big Brother? Why yes, of course. In fact, one attendee represented ALL of those shows (and a few more beside) all by herself, a certain reality TV veteran by the name of Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace!

Naturally, the event attracted quite a lot of media coverage, and Aisleyne's nude wrapover dress (from her own Unique by Aisleyne range) drew much approving comment, from Now magazine, Metro and others.

And Aisleyne wasn't just there as a VIP attendee. She was also given the privilege of presenting the award for Best Male Personality to Gareth Malone, choirmaster of the Military Wives.

Though we know who always gets OUR award for best Reality TV personality, don't we?

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