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Aisleyne 7 Min Workout - 18 Mill workout permutations

12 January 2017

Today's new iOS version of the Aisleyne 7 Minute Workout app offers up to 5 different workouts which can be randomised with in-app upgrades to offer over 18 million combinations of workout.

The free download now has TWO general workouts as standard. There's also the option to add individually three targeted workouts via in-app purchase. These are Cardio, Core and Aisleyne's very special Butt workout designed to reshape and tighten the rear.

The PRO version enables every workout to be randomised to offer over 18 million workout permutations across the 5 workouts available. It also permits the exercise length and separately the rest period to be varied, among other features.

Set targets, track workout history including calories burned, and upload photos of progress, all within the app.

Aisleyne says: "I hope the new iOS version of my app will start lots more people on the road to fitness. It's aimed at people who don't have time (or maybe are too shy) to go to the gym. For those people my app will get them summer body ready in the comfort of their own homes."

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