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National Reality TV Awards 2016

29 September 2016

The National Reality TV Awards have become a fixture in the annual round of TV award ceremonies and this year's event again took place at the Porchester Hall on Thursday September 29th.

After an absence of 2 years, Aisleyne returned to present the award for the Best Reality Non-Competition Show to Geordie Shore. And, of course, she managed to make a few headlines!

What really generated the most column inches was the meeting between Aisleyne and the Queen of Bake-off, Mary Berry.

Aisleyne proudly tweeted a picture of the two of them with the caption "Congratulations darling on your award, ur a wonderful lady and I kept my promise & kept my top together." This was a reference to the somewhat plunging neckline on her (Aisleyne's) terra-cotta catsuit.

Now some of the other attendees were much more daringly attired - and much less demurely behaved than Aisleyne was, and much of the media coverage was more than somewhat misleading. And, anyway, isn't GBBO known for being more than a little risque? Soggy bottoms, anyone?

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