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Miami Holiday April 2016

13 April 2016

Aisleyne flew out from Heathrow to Miami on Wednesday April 6th to join fellow Anuvahood thespian, Carmell Roche, and her partner. They stayed at the Royal Palm hotel in South Beach.

It was supposed to be a private little week's break, but as with her Thailand holiday, just a few Instagram pictures led to extensive press attention.

Halfway through her stay Aisleyne met up with her old BB7 pal Imogen Thomas, who was also on holiday there with her partner. Aisleyne posed for some sizzling promotional photos wearing a white bikini from Imogen's Chasing Summer swimwear range.

Inevitably, this impromptu beach photoshoot attracted a LOT of media coverage, as the tabloids made maximum use of the available pictures, and matched them with some highly complimentary superlatives.

The Daily Mail virtually ran a daily report on Aisleyne's exploits, even including some pictures of a yawning Aisleyne out shopping. Perhaps her rather daring top MIGHT have had something to do with it!

They all flew back together, landing at Heathrow on Wednesday morning, April 13th.

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