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Night Out with Nicola McLean

09 January 2016

After damaging her foot on holiday in Thailand, Aisleyne's mobility was restricted during December 2015, preventing her going to the gym or attending any seasonal parties.

Happily, on the evening of Saturday January 9th she was finally able to put on her high heels again and hit the town with Nicola McLean.

Now if either Aisleyne or Nicola Maclean have a night out, media attention is likely. When Aisleyne and Nicola are out on a night out TOGETHER, coverage is guaranteed!

So it proved on this occasion, even though the terrible twosome were on their best behaviour - no tandem rides this time!

While both girls opted for little black dresses, the tabloids agreed that Aisleyne's leather outfit was the bolder of the two. The Daily Mail referred to her "plunging neckline" and "super high hemline" adding "fringe detail added to the glam look".

The Daily Mirror were being quite proprietorial about "our Aisleyne", as they noted that " All eyes were on Mirror TV's Celebrity Big Brother columnist Aisleyne", describing her mini-dress as "eye-wateringly tight",

We were interested to note that both the Mail and the Sun also referred to her as "columnist Aisleyne". Quite a compliment, in our view.

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