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How'd You Get So Rich?

03 April 2017

"Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is not your average reality TV star" said the Daily Mail.

Now that may not be news to most of us, but there was particular reason for the Mail's apparent statement of the obvious.

They were referring to Aisleyne's appearance on the Channel 4 programme "How'd You Get So Rich?" shown on Monday April 3rd.

In the show, Aisleyne shares with presenter Katherine Ryan the amazing story of her journey from hostels to property magnate, describing how she used her Big Brother "five minutes of fame" in 2006 to invest in property and build various business ventures.

The programme followed the pair around as Aisleyne spoke of her experiences and philosophy of life. As well as viewing a £4million mansion, Aisleyne also found time to give a very game Katherine some "twerking" lessons!

The show naturally created a lot of press and social media interest. For those who only thought of Aisleyne as a "z-list party-girl" the show's revelations clearly came as quite a surprise. And even her most avid fans will have learned some new and fascinating facts about "our girl".

You can see the show in the Videos section of this site

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